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also in the last year the Material Data Manager was used in many projects at Bosch Automotive Steering and Daimler. This is shown in the following comparison with 2017. 




Number of Users



Number of Devices



Requests for „New Manufacturers“



Requests for „New Devices“



Imported Parts Lists



Quite a number of these requests ought not to be forwarded, if existing Universal Approvals would be used. The advantage is obvious: fewer effort for applicants, because the parts lists entries are assigned and approved by the Universal Approvals. Therefore the requests for “New Devices” and “Project Approvals” are unnecessary.

But: How to use Universal Approvals?

Further details can be found in this info paper.

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Know-how: training dates for parts manufacturers in the first half of 2019

VESCON GmbH offers training which comprises four hours of comprehensive practical knowledge on the Material Data Manager at our Frankenthal location. The sessions start at 1.00 p.m.

We offer two training courses for manufacturers:

Course 1

  • Structure of MDM: Data pool and structure node view
  • Approval lists, project approvals and universal approvals
  • Records and data fields
  • The importance of order numbers
  • Who can create MDM records?
  • Requests and tasks
  • Reports in MDM
  • The MDM as a source of information

Dates in Q1 and Q2:

  • 03/13/2019
  • 04/03/2019
  • 05/08/2019
  • 06/05/2019

Course 2

  • Data management with the Excel import function
  • Features for mass data processing
  • Special manufacturer area for personal devices lists and copy suggestions for universal approvals
  • MDM catalog articles

Dates in Q1 and Q2:

  • 03/20/2019

  • 04/10/2019
  • 05/15/2019

Participation is free for device manufacturers who have premium status. If you would like to register for one of the course, simply drop us a line at mdm(at)

See for yourself: our in-house training at your premises.

We will be more than happy to advise you in detail and design a two-day training course especially tailored to your needs based on the following content:

  • Functionality, user groups and permissions
  • Usability and user interface
  • Search, filter, group - where can I find approved articles
  • Workflow features - what to do if articles or approvals are missing
  • Editing parts lists in the MDM
  • Inquiries and support - Your contact
  • Using the MDM interface - EPLAN P8 CAD system


  • two-day training course with 2 units of 6 hours each
  • up to 10 participants
  • Training materials in paper and PDF format
  • Feedback discussions following the training course
  • Certificates for each participant
  • Training dates according to your request

Aim of training

Participants learn to master all the basic functions of the Material Data Manager. The focus is on the optimal procedures from the machine supplier's point of view. At the end of the training course, the participants will be able to prepare an error-free parts list in the Material Data Manager.

 Your benefits from in-house training

  •  Savings potential compared to open events
  •  Personal advice from our experts on your premises
  •  Holistic approach and practical relevance the content learned can be applied simply and effectively in everyday work
  •  The exercises can be completed using your data/parts lists         


We offer our in-house training courses at the following flat rates depending on the location (Basis: Frankenthal):

Location within a radius of



Location within a radius of


0100 km

€ 2,400


301400 km

€ 3,300

101200 km

€ 2,700


401500 km

€ 3,600

201300 km

€ 3,000


> 500 km

Available on request

Would you like more information? We will be happy to advise you a no obligation and free of charge offer. You can reach us on +49 (0)6233 6000-999 or via email at mdm(at)

New: Maximum efficiency with EPLAN P8 and MDM.

New: Maximum efficiency with EPLAN P8 and MDM.

Benefit from our insider know-how!

There are many stumbling blocks on the way to documentation before it is accepted by an operator. We will show you how to avoid them and how to optimise your processes – from EPLAN P8 to MDM.

Benefit from our extensive know-how in all requirements of the delivery process. We are not only experts on the MDM but also have many years of experience with EPLAN and know the standards and regulations (e.g. specifications of Daimler or Bosch AS

Our services

  • Analysis of your processes
  • EPLAN P8 system analysis
  • Preparation of a catalogue of measures taking into account the OEM-specific requirements (specifications)

Your advantages

  • Savings potential by avoiding ineffective working methods
  • Savings potential by optimising your EPLAN environment
  • Personal consultation from our qualified experts
  • Holistic approach and practical relevance

Would you like more information? We will be happy to advise you a no obligation and free of charge. You can reach us on +49 (0)6233 6000-999 or via email at

PS We also offer you extensive know-how about EPLAN - from basic training to expert workshops. Get in touch with us!

Central Theme: Working effectively with Universal Approvals

While working with parts list sooner or later the term „Universal Approval“ appears. May be it is not possible to forward a request for a new device, because an Universal Approval exists, or the plant operators or VESCON refer to an Universal Approval.
Below we want to introduce you in the concept and operating principles of Universal Approvals.

What is an Universal Approval?

By an Universal Approval multiple devices can be approved in a MFL or in a project (e.g. series of article-types of a manufacturer).

An Universal Approval can only be defined by the OEMs.

An Universal Approval can be defined by a simple masking or by a RegEX masking.
Universal Approvals have a direct effect on the parts lists check. The following data fields of the parts lists are checked and mapped with the definition / masking of the Universal Approval:

  • Manufacturer (Import)
  • Order number (Import)
  • Article-Typ (Import)
  • Denomination (Import)
  • Norm (Import)

The purpose is to get approvals for devices in parts list, which are no „MDM devices“.

Devices with wildcards or placeholders in the order number are not an Universal Approval, but dummies without any relevance.

In data tables / lists the Universal Approvals are displayed with their ID in angle brackets without a version number (e.g. <30076>).

The Benefit of Working with Universal Approvals

Although the understanding of Universal Approvals and the first steps of their usage may be a little bit tricky, the benefit of their usage for suppliers will be evident very soon. Parts list entries are approved immediately, if they are hedged by an Universal Approval.

  • No request for „New Devices“ or „Project Approvals“ is necessary.
  • No time is waisted by the workflow of forwarding and processing the requests

This means: Universal Approvals save time and effort.

Where can Universal Approvals be found?

Universal Approvals are definitions of approvals and thereby listed in your project in the tab „Approvals“. Tips:

  • MDM-IDs of Universal Approvals are displayed in angle brackets (e.g. <30076>)
  • Fade out in the tab „Settings / Filter“ all records with the type „Device“ and the type „Device Group“ or filter in the column “MDM-ID” for „<“.

Manufacturer specific Universal Approvals

By using manufacturer specific Universal Approvals many requests can be saved (see above).

Finding the matching Universal Approval:

Go in your project in the tab „Approvals“.

  • Fade out in the tab „Settings / Filter“ all records with the type „Device“ and the type „Device Group“.
  • Now the wanted manufacturer can be filtered or grouped.

Usually manufacturer specific Universal Approvals are simple masked. This means that the following placeholders / wildcards in the order number are used:

  • * for any number of characters
  • ? for one character
  • additional characters are allowed in the masking but will not be regarded in the mapping.

Universal Approvals for Standard Parts

Universal Approvals for standard parts are usually manufacturer independent (entry in the field “manufacturer”: “manufacturer independent”). So the manufacturer in the parts list can be freely chosen and has no relevance.

Also the order number is usually without relevance (entry in the filed “order number”: “*”). So the order number in the parts list can be freely chosen and has no relevance.

The identification and mapping of devices in the parts lists runs by the following fields:

  • Article-Typ
  • Denomination
  • Norm

In these fields normaly RegEX maskings are used. Particularly the field „Article-Typ“ can contain complex expressions.

Don’t be afraid of these expressions - in the field “technical description” they are usually outlined very well. In the web many reasonable and coherent explanations of “RegEX” can be found.

Universal Approvals and EPLAN The five masking fields of the Universal Approval can also be filled and mapped by EPLAN. The parts lists fields „Denomination (Import)“ and „Norm (Import)“ are filled by the EPLAN „Free Article Properties“ 96 and 98.


MDM - Parts List

Universal Approval


Manufacturer (Import)


Order number (Import)


Article-Typ (Import)


Norm (Import)


Denomination (Import)



Universal Approvals are addressed in our Inhouse-Trainings.

The Handling of Production Components in the MDM

If your requested „New Device“ is a production component, please keep in mind the following items:

  • In the field „Name“ please enter „Production Component“.
  • In the field „Denomination“ please enter your name of the device.
  • In the field „Technical Description“ please enter the following information:
  • Please repeat the denomination of the device.
  • Please add the technical data which differentiate the device from devices with the same denomination.
  • Please add an advice to protected documents concerning ISO 16016 (old: DIN 34) if necessary.
  • Please enter the drawing number / file name which leads to the machine documentation
  • Construction drawings must not be loaded up, if they are marked by a proprietary notice. All documents must be delivered separately at the end of the project.