About the Material Data Manager

The online software solution Material Data Manager provides software and device, component and system data together with documentation, where applicable, for various user groups online, for retrieval or download.

The following user groups work with the software solution MDM:

  • Manufacturers enter their device, component and system data with technical descriptions, ordering and CAD data into the "Material Data Manager".
  • Plant operators define material approval lists with device, component and system data in the "Material Data Manager" for their suppliers. Material approval lists can be assigned to elements of the project structure.
  • Suppliers that build and deliver plant, machines, etc. for the plant operators must register in the "Material Data Manager". After successful login to the "Materials Data Manager," the device, component and system data itemized in the materials approval lists are made available to the suppliers.

Device, component and system data not included in a material approval list in the MDM may not be used by suppliers.