Getting started

Download / Installation

If you have not yet copied the MDM-Client download the file onto your computer and unpack (e.g.: with WinZip orWinRAR) the files into any local folder.

Important: Please always copy the MDM into a local file on your computer, since .Net Framework does not permit execution of a network drive as a standard feature.

Warning: To run on your computer, MDM requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5. This means that the MDM client will not run any longer with Windows XP. If the .NEt Framework 4.5 does not already reside on your computer, please first install it (To download page: MS .Net Framework 4.5).

If you do not know whether Version 4 of Framework is loaded on your computer, you can determine which versions and service pack levels of the Microsoft .NET Framework are installed by using Microsoft KB article 318785

Erster Start im MDM

After downloading und unzipping the you could try to login. Therefor you have to start the mdm.exe from your local directory. For the first time please try to login as a guest. Guest access is possible with the following login identification:

Username: guest
Passwort: test

Users signed in for guest access to the Materials Data Manager have read-only access to the data. The workflow functions are also not available.

Sign in and registration

Use of the Material Data Manager requires registration as user. Sign in is only permitted for legal entities and natural persons with unlimited legal competence.

The data requested by VESCON at sign in must be given completely. VESCON retains the right to check the registration data. If it happens that registration data entered are incorrect or incomplete, the user concerned can be locked.

With registration, the user agrees to the existing conditions of use.

VESCON has the right to lock the access of a user who uses the system illegally and/or in violation of the responsibilities established in these conditions of use.

For successful registration, all questions must be answered. The password is automatically sent in an e-mail after successful registration.

New users must register in the Material Data Manager. This is done in the MDM registration window that is started from the login window using the Register button.