Sehr geehrte Nutzerinnen und Nutzer,

der Materialdatenmanager (MDM) bleibt auf Wachstumskurs. Alleine im ersten Halbjahr 2017 haben sich rund 600 neue Anwender im MDM registriert, gleichzeitig wurden über 4.600 Stücklisten hochgeladen und ca. 10.000 Anträge für die Aufnahme neuer Bauteile gestellt.

Dear User,

The Material Data Manager (MDM) remains on a path of growth. In the first half of 2017 alone, around 600 new users were registered in the MDM. At the same time, more than 4,600 parts were uploaded and around 10,000 devices were submitted for inclusion in new parts.


Dear User,

We would like to start off our sixth Info Paper by informing you about some current data on the MDM.

In 2017, around 1,000 new users registered, which means that around 9,700 users are currently registered in the MDM. Of the more than 17,000 requests for new devices submitted in 2017, more than 15,000 were accepted as new devices in the MDM. The new devices received at least one approved project status (special approval) through this process. Some 600 requests from 2017 are still in progress by the applicants as the quality of data was not sufficient.

There have also been some changes in the parts lists in 2017. Over 8,000 parts were uploaded to the MDM project structure last year. For this reason, the focus of this MDM Info Paper is on editing parts lists.

Best regards,

Your MDM Team

PS If you no longer wish to receive our MDM Info Paper, you can disable this feature in your MDM settings (File > Settings).


New: more effective project planning – maximum efficiency with EPLAN P8 and MDM

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Making changes to the EPLAN E8 interface

The EPLAN P8 interface was changed in the last MDM version so that Eplan assemblies can only be transferred to the MDM once they have been resolved. The advantage: “Dummy assemblies” can now be processed when editing the EPLAN.

There is a new column “assemblies / Module (Import)” in the MDM parts list. The order number of the assemblies or module is copied to this field.

In a second development step, we will also transfer Eplan modules to the MDM in a resolved form (date still pending). 

Made to measure for your success: New training concept for suppliers and machine builders.

Due to the great demand, we have developed a new, practice-oriented training concept for 2018 that is tailored exactly to the requirements of suppliers and machine builders. Participants learn not only the basic functions of the MDM but also the most efficient work methods for machine suppliers. After completion of the training, the participants will be able to prepare error-free parts lists in the MDM.

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  • Focus on parts lists/universal approvals
  • Training materials in paper and PDF format
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The individual training courses are based on the following content:

  • Functionality, user groups and permissions
  • Usability and user interface
  • Search, filter, group where can I find approved articles
  • Workflow features what to do if articles or approvals are missing (Requests for project approval, Request for a new device, Handling general tasks)
  • Editing parts lists in the MDM (Importing parts lists, Errors in the parts lists and correcting them, Interpreting universal approvals and using them in the parts list)
  • Inquiries and support Your contact
  • Using the MDM interface RUPLAN CAD system
  • Using the MDM interface EPLAN P8 CAD system

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Topic Editing parts lists in the MDM.


To upload parts lists to the MDM, you need write permissions for the relevant structure node in the project structure. These rights are not assigned by VESCON GmbH but by the responsible OEM user or supplier manager via the Quick administration.

Parts lists can be uploaded directly from EPLAN P8 (via the MDM interface), RUPLAN or Excel. The license for the MDM interface must be activated for EPLAN P8 (free of charge). The form for activation can be found on our homepage The Excel template for the parts list import is generated directly by the MDM.

Uploading parts lists:

We recommend that you upload the parts lists to the MDM as early as possible. This way, the extensive testing options in the MDM can be optimally used for processing the project. If a parts list still has a status of in progress, please ignore the link for notifying the operator and remove the status of validfor the parts list.

Basic functions and possible errors in the parts list:

When importing the parts list, the individual parts list entries are assigned to the MDM data pool. To do this, a search for the specified manufacturer is first conducted (Manufacturer (Import)field in the parts list. Alternative notations are also taken into account for this search (see also View manufacturer with accompanying data).

The parts list devices are then searched for in the data pool of the respective manufacturer using the fields Order number (Import)or Article-Type (Import). Only if a parts list entry can be assigned to an MDM data record does the system check whether this device has been released for the project. No MDM device data record is required for a universal approval. The approval check is carried out using the following parts lists fields:

  • Manufacturer (Import)
  • Order number (Import)
  • Article-Type (Import)
  • Standard (Import)
  • Denomination (Import)

Depending on the configuration of the universal approval, the contents of the Manufacturer (Import)field are ignored. Universal approvals can be found in the Approvalstab of your project.

 After uploading and checking the parts lists, call up the parts list entries in the MDM. The corresponding errors are displayed in the Parts list check resultcolumn. Further information is displayed in the MDM Id assignment infocolumn. For OK: device is approvedentries, no other actions are required.

Potential errors and correcting them.

ERROR: Manufacturer not found:

Cause: The description in the field "Manufacturer (Import)" could not be found in the MDM (field "Name" and "Variants of notations"). (see also "View manufacturer with accompanying data")

Solution: Check your notation and adapt it to the MDM notation. Request new manufacturer by using the "Request new manufacturer" feature (please do not request dealers).

Device not found:

Cause: The device was not found in the MDM data pool based on the contents of the "Order number (Import)" field or "Article-Type (Import)" field of the respective manufacturer.

Solution: Check the order number in your parts list:

  • Is the order number entered complete (e.g. leading zero)?
  • Does the order number entered correspond in structure to existing records in the MDM?

If the device is not present in the MDM, request it with the "New device" request (see separate guide for this process). Special characters and spaces are ignored during the search!

ERROR: Invalid MDM ID:

Cause: The MDM Id (Import) is not in the MDM.

Solution: Remove the MDM Id in the source system and upload the parts list again without the MDM ID.

Order number missing:

Cause: The order number is missing in the "Order number (Import)" column.

Solution: Enter the order number in the source system and upload the parts list again.

Device not unique in MDM:

Cause: A parts list entry cannot be uniquely assigned to an MDM device (double record in MDM).

Solution: Please contact support via email: Please insert a screenshot with the message and the device data (MDM Id) in the mail.

Device not approved:

Cause: The device used in the parts list is found in the MDM but is not included in the project-specific approval list.

Solution: Submit a "Request approval for project"

Universal approvals and parts list check:

In MDM, entire type series can be approved independently of device data records (e.g. for standard parts). This is done by a universal approval. Project-relevant universal approvals can be found in the "Approvals" tab of your project. The approval check for parts list entries is performed by masking the "Manufacturer","Order number","Article type", "Standard" or "Denomination" fields.

Submitting requests from the parts list:

The parts list check makes it clear which devices are not yet available in the MDM or for which devices approvals are not yet available. The relevant requests can be submitted very efficiently based on the parts list entries accessed.

Request for new device - Error "Device not found":

How to proceed:

  • Mark the parts list entry with the "Device not found" message (not by "OK: device not approved")
  • Select the "Tasks / Requests" ribbon (recommendation: right, in the parts list area)
  • Select "Request new device"
  • Complete subsequent mask (Request, Manufacturer, Order number, Techn. descr., Document). Please pay attention to the quality of the data as the request will be subjected to a quality check.
  • Submit request

By submitting a request for a "New device", a request for project approval is submitted simultaneously.

Request for project approval - Error "Device not approved":

How to proceed:

  • Mark the parts list entry with the message "Device not approved" (only if an MDM record has been assigned)
  • Select the "Tasks / Requests" ribbon (recommendation: Centre, structure nodes area)
  • Select "Request approval for project"
  • Drag and drop the unapproved records (please add a maximum of 20 parts per request) to the subsequent mask (Request).
  • Complete "Remark for task" (reason why the devices are needed)
  • Submit request If the request is required for multiple machines, please select the superimposed structure in the project tree and note this in the remarks for the request.

Tips & tricks

Check parts list again

If project approvals have been added, the parts list must be checked again so that these new approvals are taken into account in the “Parts list check result” column.

Grid configuration in records

Set the order and visibility of the columns to suit you best. The grid configuration can be found in the ribbon “Settings / Filter”.

Excel parts lists

Create a directory on your computer where you can save the imported Excel parts list. This enables you to make changes to the parts list more quickly.

Working with two or more editing windows

By working with multiple editing windows, you can jump faster between individual editing steps, similar to the Internet browser with multiple tabs. You can open an additional editing window by pressing the [Ctrl] key. Press and hold the key, and then select the desired view.

Accessing request approvals in a structure-related manner

In the “Task” view, select the ribbon “Structure-related”. Then select your project (“Select” feature, first button on the left).