Sehr geehrte Nutzerinnen und Nutzer,

der Materialdatenmanager (MDM) bleibt auf Wachstumskurs. Alleine im ersten Halbjahr 2017 haben sich rund 600 neue Anwender im MDM registriert, gleichzeitig wurden über 4.600 Stücklisten hochgeladen und ca. 10.000 Anträge für die Aufnahme neuer Bauteile gestellt.

Dear User,

The Material Data Manager (MDM) remains on a path of growth. In the first half of 2017 alone, around 600 new users were registered in the MDM. At the same time, more than 4,600 parts were uploaded and around 10,000 applications were submitted for inclusion in new parts.

Dear User,

The Material Data Manager (MDM) remains on a path of growth. In the first half of 2017 alone, around 600 new users were registered in the MDM. At the same time, more than 4,600 parts were uploaded and around 10,000 applications were submitted for inclusion in new parts.

Before the new parts are available in the MDM, the requests are checked by the MDM team at VESCON. If the data on the part is of poor quality, the request is returned to the author for revision. But which criteria are used to review requests? This is important for you as a user to know because in case of doubt, it will save you unnecessary time and effort with a new request. In this edition of our MDM Infopaper, we take a closer look at this topic.

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  • Who can create MDM records?
  • Requests and tasks
  • Reports in MDM
  • The MDM as a source of information


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  • Using the MDM interface - RUPLAN CAD system
  • Using the MDM interface - Eplan P8 CAD system


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Functions in focus: Requests for a new part – quality check by VESCON

When a request to include a new part in the MDM is made, VESCON checks the quality of the data. If the data is insufficient or inaccurate, a request for revision is sent back to the author.

Once the quality check has been successfully completed by VESCON, will the request be approved by the operator (Daimler or Bosch AS). It is therefore important for users to know which criteria are important.

The following areas will be assessed by VESCON:


Always select a specific manufacturer. If the manufacturer in question is not yet in the MDM, please request for it to be added with request “New manufacturer”.

Please note: Dealers are not included as a manufacturer in the MDM

Tip: Pay attention to proper writing. The list of manufacturers can be found in the MDM under View - Component Manufacturer including related data.

Order number:

The order number is a very important information in the MDM. Please refer to the existing, manufacturer-specific writing of order numbers.








Order number

Item type


Order number

Item type



BMF 305K-PS-C-2-S49-00.2


BMF 305K-PS-C-2-S49-00.2














Please note: Ensure that the order number is complete and that the part can be clearly identified and ordered. Order numbers with xxx or * which thus cover several parts are not allowed.

If the fields "Manufacturer" and "Order number" are red, this means that this part already exists in the MDM. Please request a project release using the existing data set.

Technical description:

Each user should be able to immediately recognise the type of part and key parameters from the field “Techn. description”.

Please do not use any project-specific information or marketing texts. Please refrain from using abbreviations (exception: units of measure).

If the machine is to be delivered in the German-speaking countries, a technical description will be expected in German. The multilingual data fields are available for other languages (please click on the "Technical description" button).

Data sheet :

A data sheet is available for further information on the part. Please upload as a PDF in the smallest file size possible which describes only the part. Please do not upload full catalogues. The data sheet should contain the order number used or an order number key.

The data sheet is checked to determine whether it matches the selected manufacturer and part.

Please avoid links to the Internet.

If you insert a hyperlink, please make sure that the link leads to the specific part.

Tips for processing tasks:
Should VESCON determine the quality of data for the request is insufficient after conducting a quality check, the request is returned with a comment to the author (sender) for revision. The request status will be changed to “Pending (sender)”.

The sender can find all open tasks in the task view.

After the request has been revised, the data record must be sent to VESCON again (blue icon next to the recipient’s address).
If the request is no longer current, you can cancel it.

Approval of the data set for the parts list by the operator takes place after the quality check has been successfully completed.


Information from the development department: New functions in the MDM.

Increasing file size when uploading files to parts lists.

With the update to the MDM at the beginning of July, we increased the file size for a file upload to a parts list from 30 MB to 100 MB.

This change also affects automatically uploading circuit diagrams using the Eplan interface.

Task management: additional recipients.

If an “Additional recipient” has been added to a task in the past, this person only had limited permissions.

This was changed by an update earlier this year. Now the “Additional recipient” has the same permissions for a task as a standard user.


MDM interface to the Eplan version 2.6.

Eplan version 2.6 contains some changes that required adaptating the MDM interface. These changes were successfully implemented and the the MDM interface has now also been released for Eplan version 2.6.

You will find additional information about what's new in the online help in the chapter “What’s new?”: ?

Small tips, big impact: how to make your daily work even easier.

When is the data set status “incorrect” used and what influence does this have?

A data set is assigned the status “Incorrect” if it is a duplicate data set, a dummy data set or an obvious wrong entry, i.e whenever the data set cannot be used in the MDM and checking the parts list.

Incorrect data sets are not taken into account when the parts lists are checked. Thus, if a specific data set is erroneously set to the status “Faulty”, the MDM data set will not be found in the parts list and the machine builder has to request this part again.

My requests for project approval have been approved, but why hasn’t the part been released in the parts list yet?

If the parts are accessed with a parts list, they will not automatically be checked against current releases. Thus, the  errors displayed may not be based on the current state of the data. In order to see the current status of the parts list, the function "Verify part list" has to be performed


A part is no longer found in the parts list. Why?

After re-checking a piece list, a part is no longer found (error: Part not found). This can occur when an order number has been changed (for example, because it was incorrectly stored in the data set).

In such cases, please adjust the order number in your parts list.

Why are the so few manufacturers in the approval list? Is that really all of them?

In an approval list, only some of the part manufacturers can be found, only those approved for the respective project with their special parts. At present more than 2,400 different manufacturers have been entered in the MDM (as of July 2017). Sll manufacturers are listed under “View - part manufacturers including related data”.

Task view: keep track of everything.

The default filter in the task view is defined so that only the tasks currently being processed are displayed for the logged-on user.

In specific terms, this means tasks with the task status “Pending (xxx)”, “Completed” or “Rejected” are displayed.

Tasks with the status “Completed” and “Rejected” are set to the “Read” status when opened. This will prevent them from being displayed when the Task view is refreshed. This “Read” status can also be set for several tasks simultaneously.